Our client, Sandra, who is a single mum to two children, got the devastating news in 2014 that she had breast cancer. The prognosis was good in terms of recovery; however, it was going to be a long process.

Sandra ran her own business and knew her income would stop as soon as she was unable to spend time working. Thankfully, Sandra had adequate levels of trauma and income protection insurance. This meant she was able to focus on herself and not worry about the mounting expenses of medical bills and every day expenses.

Sandra was incredibly relieved that the complex process of claiming on her insurance policies could be handled by Salt. There is a great deal of administration which needs to be handled at the time of a claim and it was not something Sandra wanted to be worrying about. She knew she could focus on spending time with her family and knew we were able to take a lot of the burden of the claim away from her.

If you’re worried about what would happen to you financially if you found yourself in a similar situation, talk to us today so we can make sure that if the worst were to happen we can be on hand to help.