Estate Planning


Estate Planning & Succession Planning

Some important questions to consider

Estate planning and succession planning are generally not the topics that many people enjoy considering. However, proper planning for the distribution of your assets to your loved ones, including smooth transition of the control of your business or family trust (if any) to the next generation, is important to eliminate the risk of conflict and costly disputes in the future.

The questions on the below document are designed to encourage you to review the status of your current estate planning and succession planning arrangements, and consider whether you need to update them. 


Dying Intestate (without a Will) & Intestacy Laws in States of Australia

Ever wondered what happens if you die intestate? Leading Estate Planning experts have prepared the following fact sheet.


Estate & Succession Planning

Asking the right questions to ensure your Estate is handled in accordance with your intentions.


A Guide to Estate Planning

Estate planning is about more than just preparing a valid Will. It’s about making sure your final property, assets, and wishes are honored, and that loved ones are provided for in your absence.


Tax Effective Estate Planning

Many parents take out life insurance so that in the unfortunate event of their death, their children are provided for. But parents often fail to consider how their children will actually receive the insurance proceeds. A lack of thorough estate planning can lead to a less than optimal result.

Let's take a look at a case study demonstrating the importance of tax-effective estate planning strategies.