8 Times You Should Schedule A Call With Your Financial Adviser

A sound financial house is important throughout all periods of life, however there are certain defining moments that call for a check in and potential re-evaluation with a Financial Adviser. 

1. Life Event.

Are you getting married? Having a child? Retiring? Big life events can bring a lot of unforeseen stresses. Take control by checking in with the pros for advise on any money adjustments to successfully navigate these life events.

2. Planning For Retirement, or Not Sure?

Whether you are already filling your retirement hours with recreational activities or wondering if you'll ever be able to retire - meeting with a financial adviser is vital to insuring the best strategies for not only reaching retirement but also thriving financially during your retirement.

3. No Legacy or Succession Plans

How will your wealth or business be handled after you are gone? Insure that it is in good hands by setting up plans with your Financial Adviser. 

4. Financial Windfall

Whether it is tax breaks, an inheritance, wedding cheques, or a big win at the track managing an influx of cash wisely is important.

5. Health Issues

This might be caring for aging parents or a sudden accident or health issue, no matter the cause a Financial Adviser can help you navigate challenges that arise during potentially expensive and complicated financial arrangements associated with medical issues. 

6. You are Worth One Quarter Million Dollars

A great benchmark that after which you should engage the regular services of a Financial Adviser to help steer your finances in a continued successful direction.

7. You've Landed a New Job

Whether it is your first or just a big promotion, you don't need a six figure salary to begin planning for a wealthy future. In fact planning accordingly will ensure that you DO accumulate wealth in your future. 

8. You Have a Financial Goal

This could be on a personal or even business level. The proper Financial Planning is paramount to realizing your goals and getting there faster. 

Our team at Salt Financial Group is here for you throughout all phases and changes in life. 

Let us know about any life changes or schedule a touch base about new goal objectives here.

Belinda Frazer